Rainwater Tanks Installation on the Gold Coast

Do you have a split, leak, or crack in your poly/plastic rainwater tank? No need to spend thousands of dollars buying a new rainwater tank and plumbing works. We use leading edge high tech plastic welding equipment that does not effect the structural integrity of the rainwater tank, producing a repair that is stronger than new.

Plumbed In Solutions offers a wide range of services for your rainwater tanks. These services help in both repairing and installing tanks.


Rainwater Tank Installation

Installing a rainwater tank requires a considerable amount of knowledge regarding the working of the tank. Rather than installing them improperly yourself, contact our trained professionals. Our plumbers can proficiently assist in rainwater tank installation on the Gold Coast.


Rainwater Tank Repairs

Apart from installing a new tank, we can also help you maintain such a tank in use. Rainwater tanks are susceptible to leaks and require specialised handling to repair, and our plumbers are equipped with the necessary knowledge for this purpose. These tanks may also undergo splits after a few years’ of use.  However, instead of opting to buy a new tank worth thousands of dollars, you can simply contact us to rectify problems on the existing tank!

Regardless of the issue afflicting your rainwater tank on the Gold Coast, our experts can help repair both plastic and poly tank variants.


Special Equipment for Repairs

At Plumbed in Solutions, we believe in taking advantage of advanced technology to conduct repairs. To seal cracks and leaks in the tank, we use specialised plastic welding equipment. Access to these cutting edge equipment can save your money. This is because you would not need to replace rainwater tanks on the Gold Coast.

You should never try to conduct these repairs alone and contact us as soon as you suspect a problem in the tank. Our professionals visit your home and assess the issues with your tank. The experts will then take appropriate steps, based on its condition. Similarly, you should leave the rainwater tank installation on the Gold Coast to our professionals. Any mistake in installation can have dire consequences on the lifespan of the tank and may cause issues with other parts of your home.

You can contact us at any time of the day or night, as we are open at all times to assist you. Furthermore, we provide warranties on all repairs on rainwater tanks on the Gold Coast (including Tweed Heads), so that you can have peace of mind around the quality of service we offer.